Bipartisan Majority Agrees To Pass Budget

Pa. State Rep. Carl Metzgar comments on the 2018-19 budget that does not raise taxes, increases education funding and helps businesses.

Saving Ambulance Services

Pa. State Rep. Carl Metzgar, dozens of lawmakers and EMS personnel from across the state gathered in the state Capitol Rotunda to rally support for legislation that would help address some of the financial challenges facing ambulance services by increasing reimbursements. Metzgar is one of the sponsors of two bills that address the issue.

Increasing Protection for Prison Staff

PA State Rep. Carl Metzgar speaks of making changes within the prison system to increase penalties on those who attack and assault prison workers.

Honoring the Life of Sgt. Mark Baserman

PA State Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar offers remarks in memoriam of Sgt. Mark Baserman, a corrections officer who gave his life in service at State Correctional Institute-Somerset.

What Lessons Did We Learn From September 11, 2001?

PA State Rep. Carl Metzgar discusses what lessons Pennsylvanians have learned from the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. NOTE: this video was originally posted Sept. 2017.

Supporting Diversity in Power Supply Grid

PA State Rep. Carl Metzgar discusses a House resolution urging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to swiftly consider the United States Department of Energy's proposed Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule. NOTE: this video was originally posted October 2017

Pennsylvania Legislature Should Lead by Example in Size

Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar supports a measure to reduce the size of the Pennsylvania Legislature. NOTE: This video originally posted April, 2012.

It is Time to Get Right to Work to Address the Issues

Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar comments on the start of the 2013-14 legislative session in the PA House of Representatives. NOTE: this video was originally posted January, 2013.

Amendment Addresses Value of Licenses

During House session, Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar explains his amendment to the liquor privatization bill. NOTE: this video was originally posted March, 2013.

Metzgar Leads the Charge Against Property Taxes

During the recent floor debate over House Bill 1439, which provided an exemption from the real estate assessment for agricultural structures known as "high tunnels" or "hoop houses," an amendment was proposed that would have instituted yet another property tax on land owners. NOTE: Video originally posted June, 2013