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Metzgar Amendment Protects Land Owners
HARRISBURG –Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar (R-Somerset/Bedford) sponsored an amendment which protects landowners who have leases for natural gas drilling on their property. The amendment to House Bill 1684 was designed to prevent property owners from being shortchanged on royalty payments by gas companies. It was adopted by the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee today.

“In light of a recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision, new legislation was required to further define the mechanism for determining minimum royalty payments,” said Metzgar. “My amendment specifically ensured that the minimum as set by the General Assembly in 1979, is followed to the letter, rather than exploited by semantic legal loopholes.”

Although existing Pennsylvania statute guarantees landowners at minimum, a one-eighth royalty on their lease, some landowner royalty payments have all but been eliminated due to an increase in the assessment of post-production costs and other associated fees. The Metzgar amendment ensures that the minimum royalty is not eliminated by post production fees, preventing the royalty from dropping below the one-eighth requirement.

House Bill 1684 could come up for a House vote on second consideration by the end of this week.

Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar
69th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

(814) 443-4230
Contact: Raymond Smith
House Republican Public Relations  
(717) 705-1834
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