Apr. 13, 2022

HARRISBURG – Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar (R-Somerset/Bedford) supported legislation today that would allow school boards or administrators to purchase whole or 2% Pennsylvania milk and make it available to students. House Bill 2397 goes to the Senate for its consideration.

“Thanks to the inappropriate Obama administration measures forcing chalky milk down our children’s throats, they did not receive proper nutrition while eating school lunch. To no one’s surprise, fat-free flavored milk, fat-free white milk and 1% white milk quickly fell out of favor with the students as the drinks filled up trash cans.

“It is shameful to see nutritional benefits, milk consumption and our dairy industry take a hit because whole milk was wrongfully withheld.

“It is time to restore whole milk in our schools. Today, we moved one step closer to making that happen. I am pleased to see my colleagues join me in boosting nutrition for our children.”

Representative Carl Walker Metzgar
69th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Nate Temple
RepMetzgar.com/ Facebook.com/RepMetzgar